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Billtrust Insight 2024 Customer Awards

Trailblazer Awards

The Billtrust Trailblazer Awards recognize Billtrust customers as industry leaders and innovators who have made significant achievements in digitally transforming their order-to-cash processes and improving their customers’ experiences.

Award Categories:

  • CFO Innovator of the Year
  • CX Excellence
  • Most Innovative Credit Team
  • eCommerce Excellence
  • Sustainability Champion
  • Business Impact Accelerator
  • Payments Powerhouse
  • Champion of the Year
  • Hall of Fame

Award Descriptions/Criteria:

CFO Innovator of the Year

This prestigious award honors the CFO Innovator of the Year—an exceptional executive leader distinguished by their trailblazing approach and forward-thinking mindset. Recognizing a steadfast commitment to embracing technology, the recipient has creatively leveraged innovation to eliminate manual processes, ushering in a new era of efficiency and effectiveness for both their organization and its workforce. This visionary CFO has demonstrated a keen understanding of cutting-edge technologies and has also spearheaded initiatives that generate substantial cost-saving. Their leadership embodies a commitment to driving impactful change through technology, setting a benchmark for innovation within the financial realm.

CX Excellence

This award is presented to the customer who has made an unwavering commitment to customer-centricity and has placed it at the heart of their business philosophy. Leveraging the transformative capabilities of AR solutions, this customer has not only prioritized but mastered the art of delivering an exceptional customer experience. Their commitment has resulted in tangible advancements, showcasing substantial enhancements in overall customer satisfaction and a remarkable reduction in customer issues.

Most Innovative Credit Team

This award goes to the customer whose credit department has exemplified unparalleled excellence by seamlessly integrating technology to propel collections to new heights. Through strategic implementation, they have not only achieved substantial cost reductions and simplified complex processes but have also revolutionized their credit solution functions by automating manual tasks. This transformative approach empowers their teams, enabling swift decision-making while offering heightened transparency to customers. The result is an elevated customer experience that sets a new standard for excellence, showcasing the recipient's commitment to innovation and efficiency in the realm of credit management.

eCommerce Excellence

This award is given to the customer who stands out as a beacon of eCommerce excellence, showcasing exceptional creativity, innovation, and an outstanding user experience. The recipient has not only demonstrated a keen sense of creativity and innovation but has also achieved remarkable success in boosting their online sales. Their ability to effortlessly scale with growth further exemplifies their mastery in navigating the dynamic landscape of eCommerce.

Sustainability Champion

This award goes to the customer who has not only excelled but has emerged as a trailblazer in achieving substantial, high-impact environmental savings for their organization. Through visionary leadership, this customer has successfully steered their customers towards widespread digital adoption, playing a pivotal role in the reduction of waste. This transformative initiative has not only led to a commendable decrease in their organization's overall carbon footprint but has also resulted in tangible financial benefits. The recipient is an inspiring example of environmental stewardship, demonstrating that sustainable practices can align seamlessly with financial success.

Business Impact Accelerator

This award recognizes an exceptional customer who has leveraged Unified AR solutions to drive transformative change and accelerate business growth within their organization. This recipient demonstrates an outstanding return on investment by harnessing the power of AR solutions to optimize operational efficiency and deliver substantial time and resource savings. Their strategic utilization of technology not only automates workload but also empowers their team to focus on strategic initiatives, driving tangible advancements in efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Moreover, their visionary approach enhances team satisfaction and elevates the overall customer experience. As beacons of technological innovation and forward-thinking practices, they exemplify a commitment to excellence and inspire others to embrace transformative change for business success.

Payments Powerhouse

This award recognizes a customer who, through visionary initiatives, has implemented automated payment processes, regardless of their customer’s preferred channels, dramatically reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). This strategic move empowers them to exercise greater control over costs and significantly enhances the customer experience by accommodating diverse payment preferences seamlessly. The recipient of this award is celebrated for their innovative approach, reshaping financial operations to achieve remarkable efficiency gains and elevate the overall customer experience.

Champion of the Year

This award honors an extraordinary individual or team who embodies unparalleled dedication, innovation, and strategic vision in the accounts receivable space. This individual stands out as a beacon of excellence, seamlessly integrating AR solutions to elevate productivity, enhance team satisfaction, and drive organizational success. Their strategic efforts not only result in remarkable boosts in efficiency but also inspire others through their advocacy. Moreover, they exhibit unwavering passion and innovation in showcasing their thought leadership. From compelling case studies to engaging in insightful discussions, their advocacy initiatives leave an indelible mark on this community.

Hall of Fame

This prestigious award is given to the individual/team who has had a long and sustained impact on their business and who has served as a role model for their industry. This individual/team has achieved remarkable milestones, each contributing substantially to the profitability and success of their organization.

The 2024 Trailblazer Awards will be announced on stage during Insight 2024, taking place at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa in Phoenix, AZ April 23-25.

We encourage you to nominate yourself or your team for one or more of this year’s prestigious award categories. If you submit for consideration in multiple award categories you do not need to submit multiple entries.

The deadline for submissions is 4/5/24.

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